Autumn 2017

Autumn is heading slowly in our direction, once again, and along with it, time for the autumn newsletter. This year has seen a glorious summer, with many hot dry days reminiscent of those which our members traditionally remember from their youth, not the two sunny days followed by a thunderstorm of more recent years. As a result, we could be heading for an equally glorious autumn with rich colours, an ideal time to visit some of our Trust property parks, gardens and arboretums.

To encourage you, our Walsall National Trust Association committee has again been working hard on your behalf, following a very successful and well-supported season of summer events, with coach outings arranged by Pauline Heydon and her committee, almost fully booked, well-attended walks, and popular car outings. Full marks to our organisers.

Our coming autumn/winter programme of evening and afternoon talks is as diverse and interesting as ever, with previous and new speakers, which is no easy task to organise, but the committee seems to have a winning formula, under the guidance of Margaret Wood.

We also have some events organised by our social committee, and are looking at the possibility of an Association lunch in February 2018. Members of this Committee also arrange refreshments for our evening talks. In December Margaret Jones will be stepping down from being coordinator of these. We wish Margaret well, particularly at this sad time. We are always pleased to receive volunteers. We have been able to give financial donations to Trust properties thanks to generous bequests, and moneys in hand at the end of the year. We try to arrange some form of on-site recognition.

Our colourful and informative website continues to attract “hits”, and all comments about its style, content and appearance have been very positive. Well done Kathy and John!

Our membership numbers remain fairly stable, sadly we have lost some members recently following bereavement. Our condolences go to those concerned.

My thanks, as always go to the members of the WNTA committee for their diligence and help, together with thanks to all members for their continued support. I know that I say this every year, but I mean it most sincerely, as it forms the basis of a good organisation.

Malcolm Taylor