Blenheim Palace

10th May 2018

There is so much to do at this magnificent palace that it is difficult to fit everything into a full day’s visit. Our members had the opportunity to explore the many walks in beautiful grounds, join guided tours of the lavish staterooms, discover the detailed history of Sir Winston Churchill or enjoy the formal and informal gardens. There are also buggy rides available and a train from the house to the pleasure gardens.

The Red Drawing Room

Blenheim is famous for its huge tapestries. The Duke of Marlborough commissioned the tapestries from weavers in Brussels to commemorate his success at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704 and other victories in the campaign. They were all designed to fit each state room exactly. Our guide, Norman, a very dapper gentleman, gave us a full and entertaining history, laced with humour, of the Dukes of Marlborough.

“An unexpected delight”

The train ride took us to the pleasure gardens where a visit to the butterfly house was an unexpected delight. Thank you David for arranging a memorable visit.