Temple Newsam House
The Royal  Armouries  Museum, Leeds

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

We were fortunate with the weather for our trip, but unfortunately got held up on the A38 for 45minutes due to an accident. This led to our visit to Temple Newsam being ‘cut short’ .

We went straight to the House and had a short talk on its history. It got its name from its connection to the Knights Templar.  In around 1155 it was given to the Knights Templar by the king. In 1307 the Templars were suppressed and in 1377 by Royal Decree  the estate reverted to Sir Philip Darcey.  Between 1500 and 1520 a Tudor country house was built on the site.  We were fascinated by the wording around the roof of the building – very unusual!

We were given free audio guides and went around the house at our own  pace. There was fascinating furniture around and lots of ‘Chippendale’ due to the Chippendale Society collection being kept there on permanent loan.

The Armouries Museum

The Armouries Museum was extensive and interesting with weapons from all around the world from the middle ages to the present day. Some members said that they would have been happy to spend all day there. Others explored the outside canal basin which has been modernised.  Trips into Leeds were available on water taxis. 

Both of these venues would definitely be worth a whole day visit.

Louise Platt