Lectures for the season 2021 – 2022

Afternoon meetings will take place on the fourth Thursday of the month, starting at 2.15pm in the Aldridge Community Centre, WS9 8AN.  The meeting should end about 3.15pm and tea/coffee will be available after the meeting.

Evening meetings will take place on the second Wednesday of the month, starting at 7pm in the Aldridge Parish Church Rooms, The Green, Aldridge, WS9 8NH. They will include a refreshment break and raffle.  The meeting should end by 9pm.  

Thursday 23rd September 2021:
Afternoon Lecture 

Stories of the English Coinage

Many thanks to Phil Griffiths, a long-standing member of WNTA , who took us through the history of our coins, starting from early origins in ancient Greece, through to decimal currency. He informed us of how coins were minted and how the silver content varied according to the financial state of the monarch at the time. He also explained the latin inscriptions on the coins. This was a very good start to the season in our new light and airy venue and was well supported by members.

Wednesday 13th October 2021
AGM and Evening Lecture

The most dissolute man in London

Our first evening lecture in the new venue was well supported and we were rewarded by an excellent lecture by Dr Gillian White whose subject was William Cavendish, 4th Earl and 1st Duke of Devonshire, described as ’the most dissolute man in London’.  He had an eventful life during the reigns of Charles II, James II and William and Mary but was also part of a small group of aristocrats who brought constitutional monarchy to the throne.

The second part of Gillian’s talk dealt with the remodelling of Chatsworth over many years into one of our greatest country houses.  Dr White’s talk was clear, humorous and supported by excellent slides.

Thursday 28th October 2021:
Afternoon Lecture 

“The History of Benthall Hall

Alan Burrage  will take us on a whirlwind tour of Benthall Hall through 1000 years

Wednesday 10th November 2021
Evening Lecture

Vulcan’s Temple

Andrew Lound, one of our most popular speakers presents – Vulcan’s Temple  The story of Soho Foundry

Thursday 25th November 2021:
Afternoon Lecture 

“History of the Birmingham Gun Trade

The history of the Birmingham Gun Trade and the workings of the Birmingham Gun Proof House by Steve Green

Wednesday 8th December 2021
Evening Lecture

“Deep Down and Dirty

Joe Hawkins, head of landscape at Hagley Park, will talk about his latest projects

No Afternoon Lecture 

in December

Details of future lectures in 2022 will be published here later